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Lullabye Arkestra

Lullabye Arkestra - Ampgrave

Constellation - 2006

Michael Panontin
Toronto bass/drum duo Lullabye Arkestra mark their Constellation debut with the aptly titled Ampgrave, a scrappy eclectic platter of lo-fi racket. Kate Taylor's massively distorted bass and Justin Small's frantic bashing anchor the disc, with additional sonic support coming from horns (courtesy of members of Do Make Say Think), organ and violin. Ampgrave is a muddy, messy disc of ramped-up distortion, hysterical caterwauls and noisy cacophony that annoys as often as it delights. The opener 'Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' is a sprawling epic of constipated growls and shrieks all parsed by Julie Penner's affecting violin. Audiophiles, run for the hills - this is an utter (and I suppose wholly intentional) sonic shambles. 'All I Can Give You' steers into slightly soberer territory with its country/soul mix, while the raucous 'Y ' Make Me Shake', which closes side one, is glorious and free-wheeling, a frantic go-go freak-out, where Taylor's throat-busting squeals threaten to rip through your tweeters. The disc closes with the ballsy 'Ass Worship', with its rousing sing-along of "Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll!" All hail indeed!

Not for the faint of heart, this.




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