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Black Day in July / Pussywillows, Cat-Tails - 7
Gordon Lightfoot
Black Day in July / Pussywillows, Cat-Tails - 7"

It was actually more of a black night in July.

The Detroit riots of 1967 were certainly not the first there - the city had previously erupted in the summer of 1943 leaving 34 dead and another 433 wounded - but they were without doubt the most infamous. The story went something like this. After several years of racially motivated violence across the United States, from New York to Los Angeles and places in between, all eyes were on Detroit, the largest and perhaps blackest...more

(various artists) - Rot n' Role
Rot n' Role
(various artists)

Like any provincial city worthy of that distinction, Ottawa in the late seventies had its own version of the mods and rockers clashes. When Stuart Smith and Carl Scultz opened the city's first punk club in the basement of the Volare restaurant at the corner of Bank and Frank Streets in 1977, they found themselves on the receiving end of both bomb and death threats, with Smith having his car tires slashed a total of seventeen times.

But for a period of three years, from 1977...more

Empire of Time - Find the Others
Find the Others
Empire of Time

Andy Sheppard refers to Find the Others as a music and video project rather than just a band, and I suppose anyone who has witnessed one of their visually stunning live shows would definitely see why. After years spent as a more traditional singer-songwriter, the Toronto-based Sheppard unshackled himself from that musical straitjacket, collaborating with the likes of Joshua Van Tassel (Great Lakes Swimmers), Jorn Anderson (Peter Gabriel) and Olivier Alary (Cat Power) among others on Find the...more

Any Other Way / Sticks and Stones - 7
Jackie Shane
Any Other Way / Sticks and Stones - 7"

In the staid old Toronto of the 1960s, Jackie Shane would have stood out like a sore thumb. The flamboyant r'n'b singer was not only openly gay in an era when most were hiding in their closets, but a notorious transvestite who took the stage in make-up, sequins and a puffed-up bouffant hairdo.

Shane grew up in Nashville surrounded by music from an early age, hanging out at clubs down on Jefferson Street and at one point even touring with Little Richard. He made his way up ...more

The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow - Maow
The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow

Though often subsumed under the convenient "cuddlecore" label, Vancouver's Maow actually played a much tougher amalgam of pop, punk and country, the latter most probably the influence of the bandís most famous member, Neko Case. The trio of Case and fellow Americans, Tobey Black and Corrina Hammond, got their start as Meow and took their image almost as seriously as their music, flaunting their sexuality in clothing that included, variably, furry cat outfits, nurse's uniforms, leather and ev...more

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