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All Lead Back to You / A Pinch of Chalk - 7
The Saffron Sect
All Lead Back to You / A Pinch of Chalk - 7"

Well, it certainly is great to hear from the Saffron Sect after all these years. One of Canada's most underappreciated bands released what they call their "lost second single" in the fall of 2014 on Austin, Texas-based psych specialists 13 O'Clock Records. The top side, a trippy, flute-flecked cover of the First Impresssion's 'All Lead Back to You', had been kicking around the Sect's repertoire for at least a half-dozen years now, with a couple of rough-hewn live versions available on YouTu...more

Give In / Feel the Warm - 7
Norris Vines and the Luvlines
Give In / Feel the Warm - 7"

Here is a vinyl dweeb's enigma if ever there was one. Norris Vines and the Luvlines' honey-dripping floor-filler must easily be the Canadian holy grail for modern soul collectors, but with the dearth of information out there in cyberland, little is known about the man or the record. The hugely sought-after 'Give In' has sold well into the four figures, hardly a surprise I guess given the record's rarity, those mellifluous arrangements and Vines' impassioned vocal, and of course the le...more

Take Me Back / Send Her Home - 7
David Clayton Thomas and the Shays
Take Me Back / Send Her Home - 7"

David Clayton-Thomas spent the better part of his childhood either on the receiving end of a physically abusive father or mired in Ontario's rough-and-tumble penal system. So when the 20-year-old Torontonian was finally set free, he wanted nothing more than to dive headfirst into the music business. Though responsibility beckoned, his young wife and child hardly stood a chance next to the intoxicating elixir of rock'n'roll distilling up and down Yonge Street. In his autobiograph...more

Viens, Mon Amour (Original Soundtrack) - Paul Baillargeon and Dean Morgan
Paul Baillargeon and Dean Morgan
Viens, Mon Amour (Original Soundtrack)

While much of uptight English Canada - most specifically Ontario - was battling censor boards filled with aging, scissor-toting moralists parsing every inch of film entering the country, our French-speaking brethren in Quebec were enjoying a period of relative sexual openness. Starting with Denis Heroux's Valerie (1968), essentially the province's first nudie film, the era right around the turn of the 1970s saw a fabulous run of b-movie sexploitation flicks - dubbed Maple Syrup Porn b...more

UFO Houses - Dean Drouillard
Dean Drouillard
UFO Houses

In what probably seems like another lifetime, Dean Drouillard once plucked bass strings in his hometown of Windsor for power pop band Racecar back in the Big Star-friendly nineties. ("We were a dedicated trio...a very tight unit," he notes. "We used to cover 'September Gurls' and 'The Ballad of El Goodo'.") Now older and wiser, the Toronto-based musician/producer/composer is as busy as ever, playing with and/or producing the likes of Royal Wood, Justin Rutledge, Hannah Georgas and Sarah Sle...more

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