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Where Does All the Time Go / All I Ever Need Is You - 7
The Tiaras
Where Does All the Time Go / All I Ever Need Is You - 7"

Brenda Russell was just 12 years old when her musical parents (her father Gus Gordon was once a member of the Ink Spots) left Brooklyn for the relatively colour-blind city of Hamilton, Ontario. And while the idea that Canada in the 1960s was a storybook world of peace and love to all would be laughable to any visible minority, it did have a weirdly encouraging effect on the young newcomer.

"I was the only black kid in the entire school, the only black kid anyone had ever met...more

Wayward Sonology - Isador
Wayward Sonology

Wayward Sonology is Isador's second collection of experimental left-field sounds, something the band curiously dubs "lo-fi psych jams from the weirdest corners of your record collection." The trio of Joshua Van Tassel, Charles Austin and Kyle Cunjak, all fixtures at Halifax's Forward Music, issued their thoroughly enjoyable Isador EP in the early part of 2016. That record, a weirdly exotic mix of seventies library music, Turkish psych, dru...more

Beverly Glenn-Copeland -  Beverly Glenn-Copeland
Beverly Glenn-Copeland
Beverly Glenn-Copeland

Beverly Glenn-Copeland's life was certainly not without its struggles - he was born a black female and now lives as a transgendered man. But what really stands out is the huge role that music played in it.

"My background was quite extraordinary only in the sense that my parents were middle-class blacks - and there weren't that many middle-class blacks. But once you pass that, it was an amazingly ordinary middle-class background," he told Judith Merril back in the early seven...more

A Time for Love - Judy Singh
Judy Singh
A Time for Love

Judy Singh's A Time for Love is a deliciously rare recording that fetches upwards of $800 a pop in the high stakes world of record collecting. The little-known gem was recorded in Edmonton's CBC studios in 1970 and features, in addition of course to Singh's silky vocal performance, some of the earliest known work by Canadian songwriter David Foster, from whose pen would flow songs for the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire, the Tubes, Boz Scaggs and Chicago (and who, for what it's worth, w...more

Where It's At / Born in Chicago - 7
The Luv-Lites
Where It's At / Born in Chicago - 7"

The Luv-Lites may be barely a footnote in the annals of CanRock, but that doesn't excuse fans of r'n'b for not knowing about their scorching version of Nick Gravenites' 'Born in Chicago'. Gravenites was part of that city's coterie of white boy blues rockers that included Elvin Bishop, Michael Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield. Butterfield of course recorded the song for his first LP on Elektra in 1965 and it is most likely that version that found its way into the hands of four other white boys...more

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