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99.9% - Kaytranada

Kaytranada first blew up back in 2012 when his unofficial remix of Janet Jackson's 'If' went viral. The deejay/producer, whose real name is Louis Kevin Celestin, would spend the following three years spinning disco and funk to sold-out crowds around the world. The money - and the parties, one also presumes - were great. But the 23-year-old Montrealer known for his terminally joyous remixes of people like Jackson, Missy Elliot and M.I.A. was anything but happy.

"I wa...more

Paradise Frame - Paradise Frame
Paradise Frame
Paradise Frame

Paradise Frame's self-titled cosmic disco LP is a holy grail of sorts for collectors of the genre. Tracking down one of the few copies of this rare gem will set you back a good two or three hundred bucks and most likely many hours of your time. But Paradise Frame's relative obscurity is nothing when compared with the dearth of information about it out there in cyberspace.

What we do know, apart from its release date and label, is that it was produced by Hugh Dixon, ...more

Fujikami the Warrior / Mo-Shun - 7
The Hi-Fives
Fujikami the Warrior / Mo-Shun - 7"

Some fifteen years before John Belushi and his Samurai Futaba character terrorized the set of Saturday Night Live, the Hi-Fives were at it on the local Vancouver airwaves with their totally over-the-top 'Fujikami the Warrior'.

Things actually go back a couple of years to 1959, when radio station CFUN launched a challenge to powerhouse station CKWX, moving to new digs on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano, upping its outage to a hefty 10,000 watts and replacing its st...more

Je M'en Souviens - 12
French B
Je M'en Souviens - 12" EP

At first listen, one might be forgiven for thinking of French B's 'Je m'en souviens' as some sort of benign dance track. But when the Montreal duo of Richard Gauthier and Jean-Robert Bisaillon teamed up to form French B (which was actually a truncated French Bastards) their intention was something much more subversive in nature.

The two Quebec nationalists first got together in the late eighties, a time when things in la belle province were not quite so belle....more

My Woman / Sitting in the Station - 7
The Mongrels
My Woman / Sitting in the Station - 7"

Most people who know Winnipeg at all probably know it for the Guess Who, or perhaps as the place where a teenaged Neil Young cut his first record. But the prairie capital famous for its bitterly cold winters, a pretty decent ballet company and, I suppose, its hockey team, had a sizeable music scene of its own back in the late sixties. One label that seems to have slipped into the undergrowth of obscurity is the locally based Franklin Records, whose roster included a litany of singles that no...more

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