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UJ3RK5 - 12
UJ3RK5 - 12" EP

UJ3RK5 may well have been the quintessential nerdy art school band of the punk era. Where most acts back then were filled with the usual poseurs, undergrads and hangers-on, UJ3RK5's roster was a virtual who's who of the Vancouver art world and included budding photo-conceptualists Ian Wallace, Jeff Wall and Rodney Graham. As well, David Wisdom, who would etch out his own little niche in the Canuck arts scene as a photographer and long-time DJ for CBC Radio, sang and played organ for t...more

New Heroin - A Neon Rome
A Neon Rome
New Heroin

'Wrong time, wrong place' is how A Neon Rome's epitaph should read. The Toronto band formed in 1984, just as the MTV-sponsored (and John Hughes-crafted) eighties were getting underway. Alt-kids at the time were grooving to all those jangly Byrds clones, synth-pop robots and pouty, overcoat-clad goth-rockers. Even worse, on the streets of Toronto - well, Queen West actually - a naff, heroin-laced country and western sound was starting to take hold.

A Neon Rome, on the o...more

Island Ghost EP - Mercea
Island Ghost EP

For those who know their arcane geographic history, Mercea take their name from the former Mersea Township in Essex County just outside Leamington, where the band make their home. As is the case with all small towns - the Leamington area boasts 28,000 souls these days - the guys go way back. "Me and drummer Joseph T. Sarkis started playing music together at the age of fifteen, nearly twenty years ago, together and apart," Mercea's guitarist Joseph Nohra told CM. "I started working on m...more

Whole Lotta Your Love b/w Saturday's Wild - 7' - Lee Hurst
Lee Hurst
Whole Lotta Your Love b/w Saturday's Wild - 7'

When soul singer Lee Hurst first approached Merv Buchanan, it wasn't just Hurst's silky smooth voice that caught the producer's attention. "At the time, Lee looked like a pimp," he told CM. "He had an afro, dressed to the nines, drove a flashy Cadillac and always had hot, young chicks hanging around him."

Buchanan, as those majoring in Canuckistani Studies will know, was the man behind Trend Records, one of Canada's first truly independent labels. He had only recently sh...more

Yesterdays Today / Something You've Got - 7
The Fifth
Yesterdays Today / Something You've Got - 7"

Though one of the most popular groups in the Winnipeg area throughout the late sixties, the Fifth were actually formed about fifty kilometres to the north in the old summer resort town of Winnipeg Beach. Future member Vance Masters recalls on his blog, "The ensemble evolved as a result of the failure of another band. Bassist Richard Gwizdak moved to Winnipeg in 1965, long before the Fifth became a band. He was rehearsing with another collection of musicians, but they never got to the point...more

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