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Punk Explosion/Extension - Renny Wilson
Renny Wilson
Punk Explosion/Extension

"I had a teenage epiphany," is how Renny Wilson describes what must be one of the more delusional ambitions in the history of pop music. "What would it be like to synthesize Foreigner with Crass?"

The talented Edmontonian, now ensconced in Montreal's fertile Park Ex neighbourhood, got down to work on his recent Punk Explosion/Extension album way back in 2007 after the breakup of his high school garage band, the Subatomics. "After we broke up, I started recording ne...more

Transmissions - Castle If
Castle If

By her own admission, Jess Forrest sports a cache of equipment that includes such novel pieces as an Oberheim SEM, a Moog Little Phatty and a Korg MicroKorg vocoder, among many others. No surprise then that, as the curiously named Castle If, Forrest and her one-woman show have been delivering riveting electronic music that has checked everything from early seventies kosmische music to more recent hauntological trends and all points in between. Her first major effort, 2012's criminally overl...more

Lewis Furey - Lewis Furey
Lewis Furey
Lewis Furey

Though almost as obscure in the seventies as he is forgotten today, Lewis Furey at one point published poetry in Andy Warhol's Interview magazine, collaborated on soundtracks with the likes of Leonard Cohen and Celine Dion, and even saw one of his singles chart in the Montreal area.

He was born there Lewis Greenblatt to French and American parents, and after ditching a promising career in the classical world - he had performed with the Montreal Symphony by age 11 and...more

Muuixx - Joyful Talk
Joyful Talk

Though Calgary's economy may have collapsed along with the price of oil, it hasn't made things any easier for Jay Crocker. The erstwhile Albertan was once a fixture on the western scene, upping the experimental quotient a notch or two with leftfield pop-rockers Ghostkeeper and his more out jazz-influenced NoMoreShapes project, among others. But when he decided to pull up things and move his family out east a few years back to the tiny burg of Crousetown, NS, he found that the small-town li...more

Warpig - Warpig

The sixties ended abruptly and ceremoniously - in southwestern Ontario at least - on February 2nd, 1969, when Led Zeppelin made their Canadian debut at Toronto's venerable Rock Pile on Yonge Street. "Of all the memorable things which happened...last night, one visual image easily stood out," pop music critic Ritchie Yorke would write the next day in The Globe and Mail newspaper. "It was the sight of Led Zeppelin's hero-worshipped lead guitarist, Jimmy Page - resplendent in avocado velvet sui...more

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