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Sad Eyes / Take My Heart - 7
Mary Saxton
Sad Eyes / Take My Heart - 7"

She may have been as white as the snow that blanketed her hometown of Edmonton for much of the year, but Mary Saxton could belt out blistering northern soul with the best of them.

The Alberta teenager signed on to the locally based Pace imprint when she was barely able to drive and in November of 1966 she headed down to Los Angeles to record a few tracks with producers Gary Paxton and Ray Short. Those tapes found their way onto a couple of decent seven-inchers that same ye...more

Reves -  Connor O.R.T. Linning
Connor O.R.T. Linning

Sometimes the sheer volume of interesting music these days can be overwhelming, especially so given the slow sure death of the industry itself. The phenomenon of Vancouver's Connor Linning and his massive oeuvre would make a fine case study for the textbooks one day. For the better part of a decade, the hugely prolific musician and composer has dabbled in genres from metal to drone while paying for his groceries with gigs as a soundtrack composer, game developer and software engineer. more

Moon Milk - L CON
Moon Milk

Though she may not be a household name, Lisa Conway has dutifully played her position out in left field for the better part of a decade. The mostly Toronto-based crooner/composer has had her hands in a number of projects, which include dystopian minimalists Del Bel, Lynchian balladeers Chrome and the Ice Queen and of course her solo work as L CON. "I've been writing and recording songs under various names for a long time," Conway recently told CM, "and eventually started using the moniker L...more

UJ3RK5 - 12
UJ3RK5 - 12" EP

UJ3RK5 may well have been the quintessential nerdy art school band of the punk era. Where most acts back then were filled with the usual poseurs, undergrads and hangers-on, UJ3RK5's roster was a virtual who's who of the Vancouver art world and included budding photo-conceptualists Ian Wallace, Jeff Wall and Rodney Graham. As well, David Wisdom, who would etch out his own little niche in the Canuck arts scene as a photographer and long-time DJ for CBC Radio, sang and played organ for t...more

New Heroin - A Neon Rome
A Neon Rome
New Heroin

'Wrong time, wrong place' is how A Neon Rome's epitaph should read. The Toronto band formed in 1984, just as the MTV-sponsored (and John Hughes-crafted) eighties were getting underway. Alt-kids at the time were grooving to all those jangly Byrds clones, synth-pop robots and pouty, overcoat-clad goth-rockers. Even worse, on the streets of Toronto - well, Queen West actually - a naff, heroin-laced country and western sound was starting to take hold.

A Neon Rome, on the o...more

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