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Little Darlin' / Faithful and True - 7
The Diamonds
Little Darlin' / Faithful and True - 7"

For Dave Somerville, it wasn't so much being in radio as being on the radio. The Diamonds' lead vocalist was gainfully employed at the CBC in Toronto when a fortuitous hook-up there led to the formation of Canada's most successful vocal group of the 1950s. "I was an operator in the engineering department," he told Long Island-based blogger Robert von Bernewitz. "I'd set up microphones. I did remote broadcasts. You know, I did the symphony or went to the Canadian Exhibition grounds ...more

Plays Cub's Hot Dog Day - 7
Tough Age
Plays Cub's Hot Dog Day - 7" EP

Cub was always something of a curiosity. The Vancouver trio were cute, catchy and cuddly, but mostly bereft of any sort of musical talent. So what happens when you strip away all that cuteness and expose their songs to more professional indie-rock playing? Surprisingly, quite a lot, it seems. Mint labelmates Tough Age have taken the six tracks on Cub's Hot Dog Day EP and run them through their trademark scuzzpop blender, making this one of the more interesting discs for Record Sto...more

Gloria / Ma Lili Hello - 7
Les Fleaux
Gloria / Ma Lili Hello - 7"

These barely pubescent youngsters from Lachute, just to the west of Montreal, would likely never have committed any music to wax had it not been for a fortuitous hook-up with the fledgling music mogul Tony Roman. As luck would have it for Les Fleaux - Andre, Alain, Richard and Maurice - Roman, then in his early twenties, had only recently signed Nanette Workman to his newly created Canusa label and was looking for more ripe young talent to record. While passing through the tiny town in 1966...more

If You Want My Love (Do It) / Stay and Dance - 7
Nina Dunn
If You Want My Love (Do It) / Stay and Dance - 7"

This amazing double-sider is a holy grail of sorts for modern soul diggers, fetching upwards of 700 bucks a pop for those lucky enough to score a copy. The plucky Nina Dunn and her disco/soul stunner 'If You Want My Love (Do It)' seem to have eluded Google's vast cyber-tentacles after all these years. Even the record's release date is more conjecture than fact. What we do know is that this was one of just a handful of releases for the tiny Franco FD label, one of the many under the c...more

Le Grand Jeu - Dionysos
Le Grand Jeu

Montreal was still the largest and most happening city in Canada at the end of the 1960s. Toronto may have gotten all the press with its burgeoning scene in Yorkville, but a movement of a different sort was taking place up the 401 in Quebec. The Quiet Revolution was in full sway in la belle province and what better way to heed the call of maitres chez nous than to sing in Quebecois French.

Dionysos got their start in 1969 in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, on the outer fri...more

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