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The British North-American Act

The British North-American Act - In the Beginning...

In the Beginning...
Now - 1969

Michael Panontin
The soft-psych sounds on the British North-American Act's 1969 LP In the Beginning... now fetch upwards of a thousand bucks a pop, though this must be due more to the record's obscurity than to the rather retro nature of the contents within. The band were formed in Montreal a year earlier by Andy Bator (Keyboards), Bob Allen (lead guitar), Dave McCall (drums), Rick Elger (rhythm guitar) and Kirk Armstrong (bass) and share more than just sartorial habits with those catchy, though clean-cut, garage popsters Paul Revere and the Raiders. 'Don't Run Away' sports the sort of sneering vocal and fuzz guitars that Mr. Lindsay et al might have kicked out, say, way back in 1966. Still, it's a toe-tapper of a tune, and along with a few others, like the sunshiny 'Corduroy Coat', the record warrants a spin or two, but a thousand dollars. Yeesh!

(For the majority of us who use that kind of money for, you know, like rent, the good folks over at the Akarma label pressed up a virgin-vinyl reissue of In the Beginning... back in 2004.)

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